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: 12 lip 2013, o 07:46
autor: Major
forge world wypusił kompletne rulsy dla deathcorps o kraig, sa za darmo do sciagniecia z ich strony.

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: 12 lip 2013, o 08:40
autor: Sisi
Tak kilka dni temu ale... co z tego jak Ci i tak zabronią tym grać na turniejach... bo to FW, bo to IA... :roll: Gdzie na zachodzie wolno... zwłaszcza od 6 edycji...

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: 12 lip 2013, o 09:19
autor: Major
nie tyle co wolno, tylko pojawiają sie turnieje na ktorych wolno i zdecydowanie jest ich mniejszość. w zasadzie jedyny duzy master z IA to wargamicon, ciagle toczy sie dyskusja czy dopuszczac czy nie. zreszta na forum ligowym tez juz ja odbylismy i zdecydowanie wiecej jest na minus niż na plus.

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: 12 lip 2013, o 17:20
autor: Major
cytujac za bolsem

he Codices
Coming down the pipe are the following. We're also hearing that the days of codices including units without models available at launch are over. Taking a look at the current books should give you a good hint of what units to look for when the new books ship.

-Space Marines (I'd guess synced up near Gamesday-UK)
-Tyranids Q1-14
-Imperial Guard (Q1-2 14)
-Orks ( after IG 14)

The Supplemental Codices
This seems to be GW's big new initiative. Each of these are priced at $40 and should follow the format of the Iyanden book. So GW gets to mine their rich IP for a lot of fluff, color plates, special missions and 2 pages of new rules. We hear that the general ratioto look for is 3-4 Supplemental Codices for each Army Codex. I would expect some codices (Marines) to get more while others get less. These books have been specifically whispered by name:

Iyanden (shipped)
(3 of the following 4: Saim-Hann, Ulthwe, Biel-Tan, Alaitoc)

Farsight Enclave (July 13th)

Space Marines
White Scars (launched alongside the SM codex)
Imperial Fists ~editor's note: Black Templars included maybe?

Black Legion (coming next after Farsight Enclave)
(other Traitor Legions)

Imperial Guard

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: 17 lip 2013, o 00:04
autor: Gabriel
Taka plotka o siostrzyczkach :)
Sister's of Battle
From Various Sources and a lot of speculation
*They are not being dropped. They are getting their codex.
*There was some model design issues (common knowledge) from some time ago
*The army is currently not up to 6th edition standards, and needs to be fleshed out a lot (more units variability background etc)
*The codex was being worked on at one point, and stopped.
*Whispers of an Inquisition codex may have some bearing on this codex. (like moving from Daemonhunters to Grey Knights)

Recent Sisters of Battle News
via Enigwolf on dakka (thanks for the links)
I attended all of the Design sessions and because there weren't many people around, I manage to have very good, long conversions with Phil Kelly, Jervis Johnson, Guy Haley, and Jes Goodwin. I asked almost all of them about SoBs, and from the sounds of it it's not in the pipeline anytime soon. However, Phil Kelly has expressed interest in it, although he really wants to work on the IG 'dex because there's a certain "human" element to it missing from all the other races. He also mentioned that there are 3 Citadel Designers who have full SoB armies as their main army, and reassured me that they're still around. It's apparently also hard to "get rid" of a dex's contents once introduced, so no fear of Codex: Black Templars, etc. becoming a supplement. I prodded him more about how Witchhunter and Daemonhunters became Codex: GK, and he told me he wasn't involved in that, but it was an oddity within the office.

Oh yeah, one last thing about the Sisters of Battle. According to Phil Kelly, the reason why they never got plastic minis was because they couldn't be plastic moulded by the current process. He wasn't really sure what the issue was, but there was something about the sculpt which meant that it could only be cast in metal. Presumably this led to declining SoB sales and a lack of development in them as a result.

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: 20 lip 2013, o 23:56
autor: Gabriel
Takie tam o czerwonych rybkach :)
CAN NOT ethereals, aun'va or shadowsun
Crisis are troops
preferred enemy orks in combat
Everyone that can take Bonding Knife Rituals MUST take them
Riptides can take signature systems from the farsight enclaves list

- +1 to seize rolls for your army.
Roll a d6 at the start of every turn.
1-3 nothing.
4 is preferred enemy space marines.
5 is preferred enemy space marines & imperial guard.
6 is preferred enemy everyone.

seismic fibrillator node
- one use only
Roll a d6. on a 2+, all open ground within 36″ is treated as difficult, all difficult is treated as dangerous.
roll d6 at the end of each turn. 1-4 the node's effects stop. 5+ they stay in play.

warscaper drone
- nominate a drone purchased by the character – this is the warscaper AND the original drone type.
All models in the same unit have move through cover, outflank and acute senses.
enemy unit that is both outside of it's deployment zone, and within 12″ of a warscaper treats difficult terrain as dangerous.

fusion blades
commander with a twin-linked fusion blaster only.
Replace one twin-linked fusion blasters: shooting (same as twin-linked fusion blaster), melee – str 8 ap1 attacks w/armourbane and blind.
in the assault phase on a 1 the fusion blade profile can no longer be used

earth caste pilot array
The model re-rolls all rolls of 1 to hit in the shooting phase.
May also re-roll the dice when using a nova reactor.
Weapon skill is also reduced to 1.

talisman of arthas moloch
5+ invulnerable save.
friendly units within 12″ roll 4d6 for deny the witch rolls, taking the highest result

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: 21 lip 2013, o 06:23
autor: Major
via Faeit 212
In so far as Black Templar: They are getting a full book not a supplement. The direction of the book is on "crusades," and differentiating the Black Templar when they persecute Xenos as opposed to when they put the Witch to the sword.

They are seeing a lot of changes from their previous incarnation, and are no longer a shooting army (despite the intention of the previous book, they were received as a shooting army).

The army will have a "knights in space" kind of feel with wargear being a very big importance for the characters, and vows similar to old bretonians. The struggle there is with book keeping, but it is a pretty cool concept.

Crusade squads with their hybrid neophyte and space marine combinations are gone. Which will probably anger a lot of people without pleasing any (since in the past you could just take 0 neophytes so in essence this is just removing choices), but take it for what it's worth.

The whole "move after taking casualties" thing is gone and has been replaced with something more similar to battle trance (but less swift, and more assault oriented).

Templar point costs are down even from those of dark angels, and are designed to be balanced by their point cost, but also deliver the feeling that this is a "crusade army" that has never really felt the yoke of the codex astartes, and thus has huge companies of marines.

Scout stat line.
They do not take up a force organization slot, but count as troops for all intents and purposes (scoring etc).

They do not have infiltrate, or move through cover. They also are not subject to rage after taking a casualty.
The number of neophyte squads you can take equals the number of initiate, assault, bike and sword brethren squads total you have in the army.

Sword brethren terminators do not increase this limit.

Once purchased, as a 5-10 unit choice they are their own selection.

When deploying squads with the crusade keyword (initiates, assault, bikes) you can attach a neophyte squad to it. This then becomes one unit for all intents and purposes for the remainder of the game and cannot be split.

If the squad numbers 5 models, neophytes can buy bikes. They cannot buy jump packs. They come with bolt pistol and ccw and they cannot take special weapons. Those on bikes can upgrade to grenade launchers though. Neophytes can take shotguns

if you don't want to attach them, you can just deploy them as their own unit.

From what it seems, you can put neophytes with bikes into squads without bikes, and vice versa.

Initiates have the stats of a basic marine, except their bs which is 3. It's +1 point per model (and the whole squad has to buy it), to get up to bs 4. For 1 more point, you swap their chainsword for a bolter. They are 10-20. Only assault special weapons (meltaguns, plasmaguns or flamers) can be taken. No heavy weapons. Instead of assault weapons they can take power weapons. They can replace both their bp and ccw for a heavy chainsword. They do not have sergeants, and are leadership 8.

Yes it's possible to take 20 initiates and 10 neophytes it seems.

Castellans are a 0-3 per slot elites choice. They are independent characters and take on vows that are reminiscent of oaths of moment from the books. Things like taking objectives, or defending them till the end and confer that benefit to initiates (or better) that are in the same squad as them. They can't take more than one vow and vows have different point costs. They get access to all sorts of interesting wargear, and unique wargear. They do not have to take wargear or vows, and are more expensive than a wolf guard, despite having the same stats. They are leadership 9.

This playtest set is incomplete and out of date, but since it's only one version out, it should be pretty close to what is currently being used.

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: 21 lip 2013, o 07:01
autor: Zigmunth
Major pisze: -Space Marines (I'd guess synced up near Gamesday-UK)
-Tyranids Q1-14
-Imperial Guard (Q1-2 14)
-Orks ( after IG 14)
To by oznaczalo druga juz edycje / odswiezenie kodeksu a Orkom nic? Jakos nie chce mi sie w to wierzyc. Wedlug mnie orki beda next, bo na okladce ostatniego WD byly stompy itd. Co mogloby sugerowac Apoc2, ale pewnie bedzie zzercikiem i bedza Orki.

Jak nie to ja nie gram :) Jest tyle luk w obecnym kodeksie, masa rzeczy jest z nerfionych. Musi wyjsc nowy dex szybko, albo wiem czemu przegrywam :D

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: 25 lip 2013, o 22:28
autor: Gabriel
Dredknight dla SM/BT
via Larry Vela on BoLS:
A large kit design was reported as follows:
- a fully enclosed "dreadknight"
- wielding a large crusader shield and mace
- upper body mounted assault cannon

via an anonymous source on Faeit 212
There's a new Space Marine kit that is akin to a dreadknight. Has several weapon options. Monstrous Creature, somewhere in between dreadnought and dreadknight. Gets a gun and a weapon. Several options. Presumably BT would get a variant?

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: 26 lip 2013, o 11:36
autor: brathac
Oho. Główny Wydawca pozazdrościł pewnie tego... :lol: ... 7205b2fa0e