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Re: Newsy

Post autor: stave » 31 lip 2013, o 14:23

może tak być. Ja mam tylko nadzieję, żeby się sami w tym wszystkim nie pogubili i nie zaczęli zjadać własnego ogona.....
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Re: Newsy

Post autor: Sisi » 2 sie 2013, o 15:33

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Re: Newsy

Post autor: Gabriel » 3 sie 2013, o 14:30

- There will be 7 Ltd Ed varients. 6 of these will be covers for First Founding chapters, whilst the 7th will have Black Templars on the cover.

- New weapon family: Grav weapons. I believe these wound against the armour save (so terminators would be wounded as if they had a toughness of 2).

- First Founding chapters will be getting a substantial section each to themselves, so hopefully this can be looked as as Codex: Space Marines instead of Codex: Ultramarines. This will also show in a rule called Chapter Tactics, for which the effects depend on the chapter being played.

- There is a new armour type that at first glance looks to be somewhere between a terminator and a dreadnought - looking more closely, it appears to go over the marine's power armour however.
- This new armour can be armed in 2 ways, depending on the user. The devastator version has either a bolter array or missile launchers mounted on the chest armour, whilst the gauntlets can be armed with heavy bolters, lascannons or grav cannons. The assault version has a bolter array or frag launchers mounted on the chest armour, with assault drills mounted on the gauntlets.

- There are 2 new AA tanks. One tank veterans will already be familiar with as the Hunter, armed an AA missile launcher. The other tank mounts 2 tri-barreled turrets instead.

- There is a new tactical squad. Lots of options as you'd expect, but of particular interest will probably be the grav pistol and grav rifle.

- A new plastic Sternguard veteran squad.

- A new plastic Vanguard veteran squad.

- New plastic characters: a captain, a librarian and a chaplain.
FK :(

WTB update do DA ^_T
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Re: Newsy

Post autor: Enzeru » 3 sie 2013, o 18:08

Wierzę w 3 ostatnie punkty..reszta to wishlist jakiś może ten Dreado-marine brzmi realnie.
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Re: Newsy

Post autor: Forest » 4 sie 2013, o 20:42

Zobaczyć znaczy uwierzyć. Dlatego nie robię NIC puki nie zobaczę nowego kodeksu. zwyczajnie się doczekać nie mogę co mogliby pozmieniać.
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Re: Newsy

Post autor: Gabriel » 9 sie 2013, o 22:06

Black Templars zostaną na 99% wpuszczeni w kodeks SM.
*The Black Templar are now part of the Space Marine codex
*Black Templar are the only chapter with access to Crusader Squads with Land Raider dedicated transports. Also the only chapter with Emperor's Champions.
*Allows many more units and flexibility being apart of the Space Marine codex.
*Unique Black Templar background and lore is in the codex as well.
*Each of the first founding chapters and the Black Templar have access to unique chapter tactics for their chapter.
*Imperial Fists are seige specialists and tank hunters
*Salamanders are flame weapon experts
*There are 30 successor chapters mentioned in the new codex.
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Re: Newsy

Post autor: Gabriel » 11 sie 2013, o 21:29

Polska na ETC 3 miejsce przy czym z tego co zrozumiałem nieźle dołożyliśmy obecnym mistrzom europy (niemiaszkom ) :D
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Re: Newsy

Post autor: Gabriel » 13 sie 2013, o 01:58

Hold on a second - the Hivemind doesn't like Space Marines getting all the attention. Here is the latest on the bugs:

-Tyranids are after Space Marines
-Look for them before the end of the year

New Minis:
Tyranid Prime (finecast)

Harpy. Roughly size of the heldrake. Pretty much looks like the picture in prior codex.

Doom of Malantai (clamshell package)

Parasite of Mordrax (clamshell package)

Termagant sprues recut for more options (some chatter says Genestealers)

Mycetic Spore

New "Big Bug" kit (Because every army needs one!)

New Rules:
Pyrovore gains Torrent and a steep points reduction.

Hiveguard gain Skyfire
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Re: Newsy

Post autor: Gabriel » 13 sie 2013, o 16:34

-Chaplains are HQ , W:2, A:2 and grant Zealot.
-Master of the Forge gains It Will Not Die
-Scouts drop 2 points, can take LS Storm as a dedicated transport.
-Tacticals drop 2 points.
-Devastators drop 2 points.
-Sternguard drop 3 points.
-Vanguard drop 1 point, jumppack option drops 7 points.
-Honour guard are cheaper.
-SM Bikes drop 4 points.
-Hunter/Stalker re both armed with s:7 weapons (Stalker heavy4, Hunter heavy1). The Hunter's weapon is AP:2 Armorbane.
-Command Squads may take bikes, and a bike-equipped Commander makes a SM Biker unit troops.
-Crusader Squads may take 2 power weapons per squad. Costed and equipped as Tacticals as standard. May swap out for BP/CCW for free. Max size 10 Initiates and 10 Neophytes.
-Centurions WS4 BS4 S5 T5 W2 I4 Ld8/9 Sv2, Squad size 3-6, each costed as a Predator.

- Raven Guard have Stealth, may use jump packs in movement AND assault phase.
- Imperial Fists reroll '1s' to hit with standard bolters (Bolter Drill). Devatators/Centurions have Tank Hunters and +1 on the building damage table.
- Salamanders reroll failed to-wounds with flame weapons, and failed armor penetration rolls versus vehicles. Characters gain a free master crafted weapon. Vulkan is the only way to grant twin-linked meltas.
- Black Templars have Chapter Tactics options instead of Vows. The Emperor's Champion is an HQ choice for them only and chooses from either (reroll failed to-hits plus rending in challenges), or (gain Adamantium Will plus Crusader). No Librarians allowed.
- Ultramarines choose from one of the following donctrines:
a) Tactical - Re-roll ones, unless they're Tactical marines and they re-roll all shooting failed to hits.
b) Assault - Re-roll charge distance, unless they're Assault squads, Bikes, Attack bikes who gain Fleet.
c) Devstator - Re-roll on snap shots and overwatch, unless they're Devastators who gain Relentless (except when disembarking).
- White Scars bike equipped Captain makes 1 bike squad troops
- Successor Chapter use the Chapter Tactics of their Founding Chapter. Many Successor Chapters are listed by name.

6 new Chapter Relics
Grav Weapons have Concussive

-Marneus Calgar may take 3 Warlord Traits and is pricier.
-Korsarro Khan grants Scout to mounted troops and bikes. He inflicts D3 Hammer of Wrath hits.
-Kayvan Shrike may Infiltrate with Jumppack units.
-Emperor's Champion equipped with AP:2 sword, armor is 2+/4+i
-High-Marshal Helbrecht grants Hatred and Fleet to Black Templars in the Assault phase once per game.
-Lysander returns with Eternal Warrior, Units in 12" re-roll on morale and pinning test.
-Grimaldus Grants Zealot to his unit.
-Several Named Characters retain USRs that affect their entire army.
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Re: Newsy

Post autor: Napoleon » 13 sie 2013, o 20:52

Tarcza ETC (za najlepszy wynik sumaryczny w trzech systemach plus jeszcze jakieś pierdoły) ląduje w Polsce :)

Więc złoto dla FoW, brąz dla 40k i ogólna nagroda zostały wywalczone.

Trzeba będzie we wrześniu jakieś solidniejsze powitanie reprezentantom którzy się zjawią przygotować :)
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